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Until The Style Invitational’s final edition in The Washington Post on Dec. 18, 2022, this newsletter offered links to the just-published online version of the humor/wordplay contest every Thursday afternoon.
But now we’re on our own! Well, the Empress is collaborating with her predecessor, the Czar (aka Gene Weingarten), now on Gene’s Substack blog The Gene Pool, every Thursday at GeneWeingarten.substack.com. So please subscribe over there to both support the Invitational and to enjoy Gene’s Pulitzer-winning writing and chat on matters both weighty and whatever the polar opposite of weighty is. For now, I’m using this Substack to remind you to trot over to The Gene Pool for the Invite — I’ll send out an email every Thursday when it’s up — but also want to keep it open for possibly sharing Invite Inks of the Day, classic sets of results, etc. (let me know if you’d like that) … and, if necessary, bring the Invite back here on my own. So don’t drop your subscription! And if you’re not on my list of free subscribers ….

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Links from Pat Myers, Empress of The Invitational, the irreverent weekly humor/wordplay contest recently canceled by The Washington Post but now run by the Empress and Czar Gene Weingarten at GeneWeingarten.substack.com.


Pat Myers

Judge and editor of The Style Invitational, The Washington Post's weekly humor/wordplay contest, from 2003 till it was canceled in 200 since 1993, judged and edited by the Empress, Pat Myers, since she deposed the Czar in 2003.